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Metrology gauges and measuring fixtures

Steelceram is constantly developing products to improve the efficiency of our customers’ production processes. Therefore, we carry out studies to be able to comply with quality and durability standards in our products.  In the world of metrology, we have developed specific materials to make gauges and measuring tools in ceramics. These materials will not suffer […]

Characteristics of ceramic materials

The characteristics of ceramic materials define the behaviour of the material in different situations such as: Resistance to temperature, capacity for electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion. It’s important to have a good knowledge of the characteristics of these materials as these will facilitate what material we need depending on their functionalities. Electrical properties of […]

Mechanical properties of ceramic materials

The mechanical properties of materials are those that define their behaviour when exposed to external forces. There are several types of external forces capable of generating mechanical responses in materials, for example, tensile, compressive and torsional forces.  It is important to take into account the forces that will be applied in each industrial process, as […]

Alumina and its mechanical properties

Alumina (aluminium oxide -Al2O3-) is a ceramic with a crystalline structure that makes it extremely hard. It is currently considered one of the most cost-effective and widely used ceramic materials.     Alumina 95 and Alumina 995 are some of the materials we use at Steelceram. Discover our materials.  At Steelceram we work with Alumina Al95 and Al995 Alumina, alloys developed […]

Resistance of Ceramic Materials to Temperature Change

Technical ceramics have excellent mechanical strength, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and relatively low density. In terms of conductivity, it is an excellent material as an electrical and thermal insulator. After a thermal shock, i.e. the sudden heating that forces the ceramic material to expand, the ceramic can withstand sudden changes in temperature […]

Benefits of advanced technical ceramics for the automotive industry

The automotive sector is keeping up with innovation by using advanced technical ceramics to generate changes that improve performance both in its production processes and in the specific components of new generation vehicles. Some of its applications for manufacturing processes include: stamping dies, measuring and quality control tools, welding tools… improving the quality and repeatability […]

The evolution of a family tradition

Interview with Carlos García, Technical Director of Steelceram, Industrial Engineer, MS and MBA   Carlos grew up among the ceramic bricks/tiles of the family business near the famous catalan mountains of Montserrat. Little did he imagine while studying industrial engineering that he would end up developing, together with his partner Ivan Pedro, an industrial innovation […]

Advantages of advanced technical ceramic positioners in the welding industry

In the welding industry it is necessary to ensure good positioning of jigs and gauges to meet the tolerances required in each process. When the parts that ensure the necessary position, the positioners, are made of advanced technical ceramics, in addition to optimum positioning, we obtain two added features that improve quality and repeatability throughout […]

Steelceram joins the circular economy Project

Companies around the world are increasingly joining together to tackle the abusive and indiscriminate use of natural resources. Avoiding the adverse effects that over-consumption and the culture of mass production have on the environment, we can make life better for everyone. Therefore, Steelceram has also adapted its processes to achieve a circular economy: recycling, reusing […]

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