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Steelceram joins the circular economy Project

Companies around the world are increasingly joining together to tackle the abusive and indiscriminate use of natural resources. Avoiding the adverse effects that over-consumption and the culture of mass production have on the environment, we can make life better for everyone. Therefore, Steelceram has also adapted its processes to achieve a circular economy: recycling, reusing and repurposing all the materials and supplies at our disposal.

In this way, we want to benefit the environment and our natural surroundings by reducing the demand on natural resources and the pollution caused by the abusive use of materials.

Circular economy is what we want to achieve at Steelceram: recycle, reuse and repurpose.

The main characteristic of this type of project is to convert waste into a resource by giving a second use to the materials through recycling.

To avoid the collapse of the “produce, consume, dispose” system, at Steelceram we have already started to collect ceramic parts once they have reached the end of their useful life to reconvert them into new products so that they can be used in different applications in other industries where advanced ceramic materials are required.

“Steelceram joins the Circular Economy project with the aim of reducing the environmental impact by using resources and reducing unnecessary consumption through recycling and reuse”.

We are currently converting used ceramic centring pins collected from welding plants into small cylinders for ball mills used for grinding and mixing process materials with minerals, paints, or ceramics.

Being part of Steelceram’s Circular Economy project is very easy, you have to follow only 3 steps:

1. Store the used centring pins (from Steelceram or purchased from another supplier).

2. When you have accumulated approximately 1kg, let us know that you are ready to recycle by sending an email to

3. Deliver the package to our courier company.

Do you want to join Steelceram‘s circular economy project? Together we join forces for the environment.

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