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Specialists in the field of advanced technical ceramics

STEELCERAM is a company that manufactures advanced high-performance technical ceramics for industrial applications. We are involved in European R+D projects in fields such as medicine and new technologies. Located in El Bruc, close to Barcelona, we have recently started the internationalization of the company that has allowed us to be present in many countries in the world.



Within our engineering and design division we carry out the study and advice for our clients, designing solutions that fit their needs.


We manufacture all types of prototypes that allow our customers to test and optimize special parts before the final validation.


We are specialists in tailor-made manufacturing products, adapting ourselves to the needs of our customers by providing short and long-run customised series.


Our sales team’s main objective is the satisfaction of our customers. In this sense, we have a qualified team to meet all your needs, responding to your demands in a very short period of time and in different languages.

NEW material


Our high standard of quality, demands us to work with the best materials reformulating the existing ones to optimize them. A very clear example is the ZIRCON PLUS material, the best material on the market in its category as a result of two years of research. This material has an impact resistance and a durability to friction that has never been seen on the market, making it very suitable for ceramic centering pins for resistance welding processes.

New industrial sectors for ceramics
Currently, the ceramic is being introduced in many industrial sectors, thanks to its characteristics, replacing the hardest steels in extreme situations.
Nowadays, our products are used in different sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, textile, wood carpentry, agriculture, cabling, electronics, paper …
In the last few years, the ceramic has been introduced in the field of medicine, due to the fact that it is an inert and biocompatible material and is used to manufacture dental implants and hip replacements.


We have a team of professionals prepared to face the new challenges of the present and the future. We have a commercial, engineering and design, production, R+D+I and quality department.


We have the latest technology machinery for the manufacture of our products, such as isostatic and uniaxial presses, low and high pressure injection, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, high-level ovens and a metrological laboratory, R+D+I and quality.

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