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How to Solve Breakage Problems in Ceramic Welding Pins

CERAMIC PINS AFTER INTENSIVE USE AND BREAKAGE OF THE TIP How to Solve Breakage Problems in Ceramic Pins for Resistance Welding Applications in the Automotive Industry Do you have breakage problems in your resistance welding application? In this article you will discover how to solve breakage problems in ceramic or metal pins for resistance welding […]

Comparison of the ceramic centering device with respect to the steel centering device for welding

Centrador cerámico durabilidad respecto al centrador en acero

In comparison, SteelCeram’s solid zirconia centerers represent the strongest and most efficient solution for resistance welding. Its exceptional longevity and resistance guarantee superior performance, optimizing industrial processes and reducing costs in the long term. At SteelCeram SLU, we are proud to offer advanced and customized solutions in ceramic materials. Today, we present a crucial comparison for the resistance welding industry: solid zirconia centering pins versus ceramic-coated metal centering pins and steel centering pins.

Alumina Ceramic Plungers. High pressure pump spare parts

Discover Why Ceramic Pistons Are the Superior Choice for High-Pressure Pumps at SteelCeram! At SteelCeram, we take pride in introducing our latest advancement in high-pressure pump technology: ceramic pistons. These revolutionary components have completely transformed the performance and efficiency of high-pressure pumps, offering a range of unparalleled advantages compared to conventional pistons. As industry leaders […]

Fluid dispensing solutions made of Alumina.

A fluid dispenser made of advanced ceramics is a device used to measure and control the precise amount of fluids dispensed in various industrial or scientific processes. These dispensers are specifically designed using alumina as the main material in their construction and are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and food industries. The advantages […]

Advanced technical ceramic solutions for fluid dispensing

Ceramic pumps for fluid dosing, manufactured in advanced technical ceramics (Alumina 99.7), is a device used to measure and control the precise amount of fluids that are dispensed in various industrial or scientific processes.

Ceramic pistons for pressure pumps

High pressure pumps are used in a wide range of industrial applications where high pressure or high viscosity flow rates are required. Ceramic pistons are one of the key components in high-performance pumps as they guarantee excellent performance.   THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY STEELCERAM CERAMIC PISTONS:   High wear resistance   High mechanical strength  Excellent corrosion […]

Characteristics of ceramic materials

The characteristics of ceramic materials define the behaviour of the material in different situations such as: Resistance to temperature, capacity for electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion. It’s important to have a good knowledge of the characteristics of these materials as these will facilitate what material we need depending on their functionalities. Electrical properties of […]

Mechanical properties of ceramic materials

The mechanical properties of materials are those that define their behaviour when exposed to external forces. There are several types of external forces capable of generating mechanical responses in materials, for example, tensile, compressive and torsional forces.  It is important to take into account the forces that will be applied in each industrial process, as […]

Alumina and its mechanical properties

Alumina (aluminium oxide -Al2O3-) is a ceramic with a crystalline structure that makes it extremely hard. It is currently considered one of the most cost-effective and widely used ceramic materials.     Alumina 95 and Alumina 995 are some of the materials we use at Steelceram. Discover our materials.  At Steelceram we work with Alumina Al95 and Al995 Alumina, alloys developed […]

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