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How to Solve Breakage Problems in Ceramic Welding Pins


How to Solve Breakage Problems in Ceramic Pins for Resistance Welding Applications in the Automotive Industry

Do you have breakage problems in your resistance welding application? In this article you will discover how to solve breakage problems in ceramic or metal pins for resistance welding schedules in the automotive industry.

Ceramic Centerers: Durability and Resistance

Ceramic welding pins made of zirconia are significantly stronger and more durable than steel or ceramic coating. However, it is essential to avoid breakages, as these negatively affect the profitability of the operation.

Common Causes of Breakage

Hits in the Centering Pin

One of the most frequent causes of breakage is impact during centering of the metal piece to be welded, especially when feeding is manual and the operator accidentally hits the centering device.

Poor Press Calibration

Another common cause is poor calibration of the press that positions the sheet metal and nut, which can generate additional stress on the centering device and cause it to break.

Advantages of Ceramic over Steel

Greater Wear Resistance

Ceramic centerers offer greater wear resistance compared to steel, resulting in longer life and better long-term cost-effectiveness.

Electrical isolation

Ceramics do not conduct electricity, eliminating the need to insulate the machine, which simplifies equipment design and reduces additional costs.

Savings in Maintenance Costs

The durability and resistance of ceramic centerers reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance, thus reducing operating costs.

Our Innovative Solution

At SteelCeram, we have developed a solution that combines a steel tip, which absorbs possible shocks, with a ceramic core where the welding is carried out. This combination provides the mechanical impact resistance of steel and the superior performance of ceramic in the centerer body. In addition, we offer the option of a technical plastic lower base, guaranteeing complete electrical insulation of the piece.

List of Advantages
  • Superior wear resistance

  • Natural electrical insulation

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Longer lifespan of centering pins

  • Combination of steel durability and ceramic efficiency

  • Design options for complete electrical insulation


Ceramic centering pins in resistance welding applications in the automotive industry present numerous advantages over their steel counterparts. However, avoiding breakages is crucial to maintaining profitability. At SteelCeram, our innovative solution combines the best of both materials, ensuring efficient and high-performance operations.

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