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Alumina Ceramic Plungers. High pressure pump spare parts

Discover Why Ceramic Pistons Are the Superior Choice for High-Pressure Pumps at SteelCeram! At SteelCeram, we take pride in introducing our latest advancement in high-pressure pump technology: ceramic pistons. These revolutionary components have completely transformed the performance and efficiency of high-pressure pumps, offering a range of unparalleled advantages compared to conventional pistons. As industry leaders […]

Fluid dispensing solutions made of Alumina.

A fluid dispenser made of advanced ceramics is a device used to measure and control the precise amount of fluids dispensed in various industrial or scientific processes. These dispensers are specifically designed using alumina as the main material in their construction and are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and food industries. The advantages […]

Advanced technical ceramic solutions for fluid dispensing

Ceramic pumps for fluid dosing, manufactured in advanced technical ceramics (Alumina 99.7), is a device used to measure and control the precise amount of fluids that are dispensed in various industrial or scientific processes.

Metrology gauges and measuring fixtures

Steelceram is constantly developing products to improve the efficiency of our customers’ production processes. Therefore, we carry out studies to be able to comply with quality and durability standards in our products.  In the world of metrology, we have developed specific materials to make gauges and measuring tools in ceramics. These materials will not suffer […]

The evolution of a family tradition

Interview with Carlos García, Technical Director of Steelceram, Industrial Engineer, MS and MBA   Carlos grew up among the ceramic bricks/tiles of the family business near the famous catalan mountains of Montserrat. Little did he imagine while studying industrial engineering that he would end up developing, together with his partner Ivan Pedro, an industrial innovation […]

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