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Research, development and innovation

Steelceram is continuously researching, developing and collaborating with research centres, universities and other companies.

Our R+D+I team works through a methodology based on 4 stages, which are:


A high level of R+D+I means a stronger strength of the products or processes that differ positively from those of our competitors; for this reason, we work in this direction and we participate in projects in several fields such as those listed below.


We are members of the CLUSTER MAV in which many companies from the advanced materials sector are participating with the aim of making known the opportunities and the new projects by working for innovation and improvement.


One of the most important projects in which we had the opportunity to be involved is the European medical project for the creation of a hip prosthesis in Alumina during the year 2017.


We are currently working on another European 3D printing project with ceramic materials to explore new applications and opportunities of this new revolutionary technology.

We are collaborating with a number of universities to develop prototype projects and testing new materials. In 2018 we worked with several Spanish universities on the testing of several mixtures in alumina and zirconia and the production of the pieces by the casting process. We are currently working on an Alumina capsules project for the protection of electronic components in the aerospace industry.

We work closely with our raw material suppliers for improving the properties of our blends in each of our processes and we are constantly under development with the aim of speeding up the production and improving the mechanical and thermal properties of our products, as well as our manufacturing and quality control.

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