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Nit Gas Nozzles

Nit gas nozzles

One of the most widely used technologies in the automotive sector is MIG MAG welding using robotic cells. This technology allows high quality and high productivity, but users have to deal with the replacement costs of several consumables.

One of these consumables that is subject to greater wear and tear is the nozzle, currently made of copper and located at the end of the torch. Its mission is to conduct the protective gas towards the weld to avoid impurities, for which it has to withstand high temperatures and the impact of numerous projections that are accumulated in the inside of it.

In order to keep the nozzle in a good condition, two stations are installed near the robot, a milling equipment to remove the projections and another spraying equipment of an anti-adherent liquid, until the nozzle becomes unusable and has to be replaced.

In STEELCERAM we have developed a Silicon Nitride nozzle prototype manufactured with under our formulation, this material is one of the best advanced ceramic materials that exist in the market and has exceptional characteristics for this application.

The most outstanding features are its high hardness, low density, excellent behaviour to thermal shock and non-stick to projections due to its melting point being much higher than metals.

With the NIT nozzle we have carried out some tests with surprising results and we intend to obtain the following advances:

  •  Lower costs thanks to its durability.
  •  Reduce downtime in the installation.
  •  Reduce the risk of welding impurities.
  •  Eliminate the cleaning cycles, to gain more time.
  •  Dispense with cleaning facilities.
  •  Make fewer robot movements, extending its life and consuming less energy.


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